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date me because people who don’t wear bras make your parents mad

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Hhhh nebulaeeeee

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 Happy Earth Day!

Biomotor Unitron - Developed by Yumekobo; Neo Geo Pocket Color, 1999.  [full]

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gum queens and alien brooch 

i’m going to upload 5 new articles to my etsy shop EVERYDAY!

until i have no more things to upload ;;)

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새벽에 토끼가~

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I found a New Zealand army cap in the spare room? Looks like something’s joining my military collection

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Three winners this time!

Seeing as the last giveaway went wonderfully I decided to throw another one with more binders up for grabs. I know a lot of people need these and I feel like it’s a extremely important to help however I can, I know there’s a lot of suspicion concerning these binders however!
As somebody who uses one on a frequently basis I haven’t experienced anything from any of the rumours I’ve heard. They’re absolutely fantastic and it helps that they’re cheap. At the end of this post I’ll put links to binder safety as well as a reminder that please if you enter it’s in centimetres not inches. Blah blah blah boring boring Hebah’s being a nerd anyway lets get to the rules and such ಥ⌣ಥ


  1. Must be following me (I will be checking!!!)
  2. Reblogs and likes count as entry and you can reblog as many times as you wish, but remember to be kind to your followers!
  3. Giveaway blogs aren’t particularly favourable I’m afraid
  4. Shipping available everywhere just as long as you’re comfortable giving me your address
  5. End date will be the 3rd of October (NZ timezone)
  6. If you win you must respond within 48 hours
  7. Annnd of course this has to get a decent amount of notes!

*~*What’s up for grabs*~*

First place:

  1. A binder in black, grey or white by whatwears
  2. Anything under $35 from HOME FOR THE WEEKEND
  3. x2 0.05 inch Marimo!!! Honestly I own a couple of these lil pals and I love them to bits if you want any extra information about them I’d happily help you out!
  4. Mineral Stone gravel (example link) from this store! Under $6 NZD for either your Marimo or for simple decoration!
  5. Any Perfume bar by Tony Moly

Remember everything I end up buying is in NZD so do keep that in mind!

Second and Third Place:

  1. A binder in black, grey or white by whatwears
  2. x2 0.05 inch Marimo as well because lets face it everybody should have marimo
  3. Any perfume bar by Tony Moly

I’m going to try and make this a every couple of month sort of thing so the offer will continue to be there, I wish I could help out every person who needs a binder but of course that’s a bit impossible so I hope it’s be a help to whoever ends up getting these.

It’d be really fab as well if you could check out this post for HFTW. Andie has worked so hard on her store and it’d be awesome if anything could be contributed for the kickstarter so make sure to send her heaps and heaps of support and if we can get that post circulating that would be really, really cool!

 The winner will be chosen through randomiser and good luck!! Hope you all have a wonderful time and good luck!!

(Safety and extra binder info under the cut)

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comic i made, you can buy !

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deadly sex accidents


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